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FireAde 2000 and Enforcer

FireAde 2000 and Enforcer are the most complete and user friendly firefighting agents produced in the world.
These products comply with NFPA 18/2006 wetting agent and UL 162 foam liquid concentrate. This awards
FireAde® 2000 and Enforcer a “TRUE” Class A and B classification approval. The products eliminate all of the
long-established issues of Class B foams; and will not clog, gum, or corrode foam systems and equipment.


FireAde®2000 is made fo 98% organic compound, contains no PFOA or PFOS, zero hazardous chemicals and consists of fully biodegradable water based and food grade ingredients.FireAde 2000 is available as a 16 oz personal unit perfect for home or galley use. This easy-to-use and store fire fighting product uses the proprietary fomula developed by Fire Service Plus, Inc.

The product will not expire and may be used on both Class A and Class B fires.


Enforcer® CAFS are effective, affordable, portable and easy to use. Enforcer CAF systems utilize high energy compressed air to provide unparalleled fire knockdown, extinguishment, and vapor suppression. EnforcerOne is committed to saving lives and property by manufacturing quality and cost effective, portable Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). All Enforcer systems utilize FireAde 2000 foam.

Enforcer units are available in 3 gallon, 10 gallon, 30 gallon and 60 gallon products.